Quality assurance

To meet your expectations with transparency and peace of mind, we have implemented a quality management system.

Certified quality

We are certified by the LNE, the French national metrology and testing laboratory, the notified body for the purposes of European directives.

Our “design, manufacture and marketing” activities comply with international ISO 9001 standards for cosmetics and intimate gels, and in particular with NF EN ISO 13485 for lubricant gels.

We are approved to attach the EC mark to these medical preparations, together with the identification number LNE-Gmed: 0459.




Finally, we apply good manufacturing practices for cosmetics, in accordance with the guidelines in the NF EN ISO 22716 standard: production, control, storage and dispatch of cosmetic products.

We select our suppliers and partners according to very precise criteria. The quality and conformity of our raw materials, monitoring and security of supplies and compliance with French and European regulations are among our demands.

Your product is wholly manufactured and packed by us. Faultless traceability is guaranteed: from raw materials to finished product.


We produce the osmosis-purified and demineralised water our manufacturing processes require. A high-performance system has been implemented to guarantee production of purified water (aqua purificata) in accordance with the 5th edition of the European Pharmacopoeia. Internal quality checks are carried out and analyses are conducted by an external laboratory certified by COFRAC, the French accreditation committee, in accordance with the requirements of the NF EN ISO/CEI 17025 standard.

We offer you the guarantee of formulae tested by independent external laboratories.

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