Personalised assistance

Your satisfaction, our watchword


We come up with the formulae you need:

– either tell us about your requirements and we will develop formulations to meet your specifications;
– or choose one of the ready-made formulas in our wide range of cosmetic formulae:
creams, lotions, gels and oils for the skin (hands, face, feet, etc.), bath and shower preparations (gels, etc.), hair care products (shampoos, masks, etc.), external intimate care products and so on
intimate lubricant gels: water or silicon-based gels, compatible with the latex in condoms, in accordance with the NF S97-034 standard; and formulated to avoid allergic reactions (ISO EN 10993 standard / tests for cytotoxicity – vaginal tolerance – sensitivity).



We suggest the right packaging for your products:

On the basis of our experience, we provide technical solutions for your marketing development and advice on your choice of packaging materials.

Our production unit, constantly evolving and equipped with the latest machinery, allows packaging in vials, tubes, pots, wipes packs and single-use packs. Our team of professionals deal with packing in boxes, with inserts if necessary.

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