Our know-how

Are you aiming to launch new hygiene, well-being and beauty products on the market? We have a solution. For you we perfect formulae for medical preparations (water or silicon-based lubricating intimate gel) and cosmetics (shampoo, shower gel, body milk, hand/face/body creams and more).

Competence and efficiency

Backed up by years of experience, our pharmacists offer you effective solutions to meet your requirements. We work with your specifications or we listen to you in order to define them according to your requirements.
Our team offers you its support and its know-how to carry out your project. We make sure the product complies with current regulations: we look after drawing up the technical dossier and obligatory statements for European bodies.


Intimate lubricating gels:

We produce water-based and silicon-based gels. Our formulae, tested by the LNE, the French national metrology and testing laboratory, are compatible with the latex in condoms, in accordance with the NF S97-034 standard. Our gels are also formulated to avoid allergic reactions, in accordance with the ISO EN 10993 standard (cytotoxicity, vaginal tolerance and sensitivity).

Cosmetics :

We supply a wide range of body care and hygiene products:

  • coloured shower gels and highly varied perfumes
  • shampoos and intimate hygiene gels
  • creams, milks and lotions for hands, feet and face
  • essential oil-based massage gels

Packed in:

  • tubes
  • pots
  • vials
  • single-use packs
  • in boxes, sleeves (decorative or otherwise), cellophane




We manufacture disposable tampons and wipes (with a larger folded surface) with a range of impregnation solutions:

  • hand wipes
  • emollient lotion
  • disinfectant solution

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