Cosminter, Laboratoire Polydermyl

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A constantly-evolving laboratory

Set up in 1983, on the basis of a small laboratory for internal use by a dispensing pharmacy, COSMINTER is based in Vitteaux, a small town in the Auxois area, in the heart of Burgundy.

COSMINTER has for many years boasted a home of an outstanding nature. Its production facilities are housed in a mediaeval building, a market hall dating from the 12th century and listed as a historic monument by André Malraux. This is a technological achievement as the industrial space includes and preserves the authentic character of the historic building. A unique feature.

However, in 2016 the production facilities are being moved. COSMINTER is constructing a new industrial building in Fleurey sur Ouche, a few kilometres from Dijon.  A building dedicated to research and to the creation of new formulae, and to producing thousands of units of cosmetics and medical preparations.

An international market

Our products are widely distributed around Europe and beyond: : more than 70 palettes are despatched every month to destinations in France, Europe and the Middle East. The distribution networks for our products vary, including wholesalers, pharmaceutical laboratories and medium and large retailers.

Every year we produce:

  • Nearly 120 tonnes of lubricating gel
  • Over 55 tonnes of shampoo and shower gel
  • Nearly 45 tonnes of cosmetic treatments
  • Nearly 4 million wipes

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